Indie development studio specializing in PC and standalone VR applications.

We produce our own in house content as well as deveoping both traditional and virtual reality experiences for a range of clients.

Our team
Our studio consists of Lead Developer, Technical Artist and Composer Dave Pritchard and Digital Artist, Designer and Layout Artist Enkhar Perez Blanco.
Game Development
Aside from our in house projects we also design and develop games and experiences for a range of clients. We are able to produce everything in house from bespoke models and art to unique sounds and scores that will make your project stand out from the crowd.
We also have an extensive library of assets ready for those less important background elements saving you both time and money.
Digital Assets
Our studio can provide a range of digital assets for use in your games, projects and marketing campaigns. From in game art assets to fully rigged characters we can create just about anything to help you meet your design goals.
Our lead developer has (and contunues) to teach Art and Animation, Sound Design, Game Development & AV Production at Higher diploma, Degree and Masters levels.
We currently provide both curriculum design and software training services for higher education. Packages covered include Unreal Engine, Maya, ZBrush, Substance, Logic Pro and Final Cut.


Our team are currently available for third party projects with a focus on Virtual Reality.

Our Games


Rain down a deluge of droid destruction while avoiding the hazards of an alien world in this fast paced arcade shoot em up.

Pitted against an army of murderous mechs you must battle your way through a myriad of locales from overrun space ports to bubbling lava filled volcanoes in order to escape the Warchasm. To aid you in your fight against the alien onslaught you will have an array of weapons at your disposal from ray guns and blasters to devastating mortars and high tech, quad missile launchers.

You will need a cool head, a keen eye and razor sharp reflexes as you fight off the alien horde and make your way through this perilous VR adventure.

So grab your guns, dive in to the action and experience your first Warchasm!

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What people are saying about Warchasm

I played WARCHASM on steam a while back , But now it’s out on. Quest it’s a must have
Fast paced Great Audio Great fun.
If you have a Quest you need this!
This game is another brilliant example of an indie developer experimenting with some original ideas and making a really fun vr experience.
Remember the mine cart scene from Indiana Jones?
Swap Indy with Han Solo and that's Warchasm!

This game has it all! Great shooting, great leaning/dodging and a killer soundtrack.
You get a good workout while dodging lasers, debris on the tracks and some well placed doors.
This game is one of my go to games when I have 20 mins to quick play something.

You will be ducking and dodging and twisting while shooting your way through the levels. Enjoyable game, would make a great intro into VR for folks new to it.



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