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Welcome, here you will find the documentation for the graveyard asset pack for unreal engine 4.

The asset pack includes:

  • 10 graves, caskets and headstones
  • 9 graves have both old and new materials
  • 8 have editable names
  • Wall, Post and archway assets included in pack
  • 1 landscape material with 3 layers
  • Gazebo structure with ivy also included
  • 20 models (base plus up to 2 LODs)
  • Custom and automatic collisions.
  • 36 PBR materials – Base color, ambient occlusion/roughness/metalic, normal
  • 128 texture maps 512 – 2k
  • 1 landscape material (3 layers).
  • Models from 200 vertices to 19k
  • Demo level included

Note: You will need an image editor such as photoshop, affinity, gimp etc to create your own wording.

Editing the graves

In order to edit the graves you will need the following

  • The grave template pack 
  • Image editing software such as Affinity Photo, Gimp etc
  • The DP Games Graveyard asset pack

Once you have the above follow the simple steps below to edit the graves

To create the text.

  • In an image editor, open the required grave template. in this example we are using the rounded grave shown below.


  • Insert your text inside the grey area of the image (the text must be in white)


  • Here I have used the free font “Graveyard BRK“.
  • Insert a new layer behind the text and fill this in black


  • Save your image as either a JPEG or PNG file 

To add the text to the grave

  • In UE4 navigate to “Content – Graveyard – Textures”.
  • Click the  import button


  • select and import your new texture
  • Navigate to  “Content – Graveyard – materials” and double click the grave material you wish to edit (Rounded-M in this case).


  • Here you will see 2 mask materials select the first of them and from the details panel click the texture name and select your new texture from the list


  • Repeat this step for the second texture.
  • click save.
  • The grave will now have your new texture engraved on it.


Note: you may wish to duplicate the material before editing in order to create one unique grave. This can then be editied and applied to the model in your scene without affecting the other graves.