Okay, so the fact that you’re reading this probably means that you already know this but, as you can see the Defective Penguin Games website has undergone a complete overhaul both in terms of its aesthetic and its core functionality.

Re-designed from the ground up to serve as a hub for upcoming VR titles “The Heart of the Machine” and “The Heroes Quest” as well as a third currently unnamed project, the new site will allow users to stay up to date with all the latest happenings inside the Defective Penguin Games studio. From screenshots and trailers to audio excerpts and development notes the new content rich web site is your one stop shop for everything DPG related.

Users can now also share any of our stories or posts via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Linkedin using the share options at the bottom of each post and can also follow DPG on Facebook, Twitter and Youtubes as well as get updates via our RSS feed.

Of course, these are early days for both the new site and it’s social media content so please bear with us while we iron out any bugs and bring the site to its full glory with updates and news on DPG’s latest offerings.

We would love it if you chose to follow us on any (or all) of our channels using the icons up at the top right of the page and would be forever grateful if you took the time to share one or two of our stories via you own social media pages.

So, make yourself at home, browse, read, share and if you have any suggestions for content or stories that you’d like to see then feel free to drop us a line at social@defectivepenguin.com

Kind Regards,

Team DPG